Welcome to Allium

We organize blockchain data so that teams don't have to.

Our goal is to enable enterprise teams to answer key questions that help them achieve their business goals. This includes monitoring on-chain activity, investment research, accounting & audits as well as powering their infrastructure needs.

Allium allows you to easily answer questions like:

While also helping backend engineers power their realtime apps

Getting Started

🧅 Allium App The Allium Explorer API provides you with an analyst-friendly way to run your Query Allium's enriched data and retrieve results using simple HTTP requests.

The Allium Developer API provides you with a developer-friendly to power your real-time application with our generalized SQL API. 📊 Data Models We offer both enriched batch data (Snowflake SQL) and real-time data (PostgreSQL) to support your analytics and infrastructure needs. View the data schemas we offer here. ⛓️ Blockchains Supported We offer data for 11+ blockchains: Ethereum, Beacon Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche (C-Chain), Base, Bitcoin (with Ordinals), Tron, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) & Solana.

Data Delivery

Get data delivered to your data lake directly for privacy & control. We support data delivery across multiple platforms for batch and real-time streaming needs.

Contact us if you would like your data destination to be supported.

MechanismSupported Destinations

Data Shares

Query blockchain data directly via your Snowflake account.


Get real-time data streams on a message queue to your platform.

Dedicated Access

Direct access to realtime databases for maximum scale and control


Get data delivered to your data lake or pull data from Allium's data lake.

Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, e.t.c.

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