📊Chain Metrics

Precomputed metrics to analyze and compare onchain activity across chains


There are two ways to query for chain metrics:

  1. using crosschain.metrics.overview, which makes it easy to compare metrics across chains (if included)

  2. using <chain>.metrics.overview, which makes it easy to view relevant metrics for your desired chain

Table Name DescriptionChain Coverage


Daily metrics, grouped by chain, covering onchain activity such as transactions, users, fees, tokens transfers, DEXes, NFTs, stablecoins and more. Metrics are not available for all chains. The column values will be null if not available for the given chain.

  • arbitrum

  • avalanche

  • base

  • bitcoin

  • bsc

  • ethereum

  • optimism

  • polygon

  • polygon_zkevm

  • scroll

  • solana


Daily metrics for a single chain. Only includes metrics that are available.

  • All chains above

Sample Queries

1) Get historical metrics for all available chains

select * from crosschain.metrics.overview order by activity_date desc

2) Get metrics from the last 90 days for Ethereum

from crosschain.metrics.overview
where 1=1
    and chain = 'ethereum'
    and activity_date >= current_date - interval '90 days'
order by activity_date desc

3) Get total transaction fees / chain revenue for Base

    transaction_fees, -- in native token, i.e. ETH
    transaction_fees_usd -- in USD
from base.metrics.overview

Table Columns

Column NameDescription


The name of the blockchain


The date for which metrics are being calculated. Only includes completed days.


The symbol of the native token of the blockchain


The median USD price of the native token on the given date


The average time between blocks


The average number of transactions per second, calculated as the average number of transactions per block divided by the average block time (in seconds)


The number of distinct wallet addresses that have initiated successful transactions


The number of distinct wallet addresses that have initiated their first successful transactions


The number of distinct wallet addresses, that are not new, that have initiated successful transactions


The number of distinct wallet addresses that have been funded for the first time with either native tokens or ERC20 tokens


The total number of transactions, including both successful and failed transactions


The total number of successful transactions only


The total number of failed transactions only


The total number of distinct smart contracts that have been interacted with


The total number of new smart contracts deployed


The total number of contract calls


The total value locked in DeFi protocols in USD terms, sourced from DefiLlama


  • Fee Metrics

    • average transfer fee metrics are based on simple transaction types with single, direct transfers between two wallet addresses, e.g.

      • for EVM chains, native token transfers where the input is 0x and ERCX token transfers where the transfer functions are called directly by the transacting user

      • for Solana, we exclude transfers initiated via programs, and instead limit to transactions with only 1 transfer initiated by the address sending the token (i.e. signer = from_address)

    • average_transaction_fees and average_transaction_fees_usd exclude system transactions or other 0 fee transactions, as they would skew metrics downwards

  • Token Transfer Metrics

    • user_initiated metrics exclude transactions initiated by contracts

    • For EVM, native_token_transfer_count accounts for all native token transfers including gas/fee payments, but native_token_value_transfer_count excludes those, limiting it to transfers between EOAs/contracts. Similarly, on Solana, native_token_value_transfer_count excludes SOL transfers for rent which is needed for the creation or closure of token accounts

    • currently, there are only volume metrics for usd stablecoins, as we don't currently have prices / exchange rate conversions for non-USD currencies

  • Solana Nuances

    • The SPL token standard can be flexibly used for both fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). We identify NFTs by their mint address.

  • Other

    • USD metrics (e.g. erc20_transfer_volume_usd , dex_volume_usd , nft_volume_usd) are subject to changes as our token/DEX/NFT coverage & price data becomes more complete or is updated

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