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Get the performance, income and metrics of validators on Beacon Chain.

The Beacon Chain introduced the consensus logic and block gossip protocol which now secures Ethereum. The Beacon Chain introduced proof-of-stake to Ethereum. This keeps Ethereum secure and earns validators more ETH in the process.

Beacon Chain Tables:


Tracking validator income by withdrawal address.

Generate reports of validator income and performance with a click of a button.

Deep dive into validator metrics

Querying our beacon.validator.income to explore validator income for insights into validator performance across time.

E.g. exploring the distribution of consensus income to Lido Withdrawal vault

    date_trunc('week', income.slot_timestamp) as date,
    nvl(entity, 'unlabeled') as entity,
    count(distinct  entities.validator_index) as validators,
    sum(consensus_income) as income 
from beacon.validator.income 
left join beacon.validator.entities on entities.validator_index = income.validator_index
where consensus_income > 0 
group by 1,2
order by 1 desc 

Beacon Chain Consensus Income by Entity

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