TRON is a public blockchain platform with open-source architecture that enables the execution of smart contracts. It relies on a unique consensus mechanism to achieve the high TPS.

One of TRON's notable features is its compatibility with Ethereum, allowing for seamless migration of smart contracts from Ethereum to TRON with minimal adjustments.

Note: Our Tron data schema uses base58 address by default, which are case-sensitive.

Tron Tables

Our Tron data includes raw, assets schemas and identity labels to enrich your analysis.



Raw blockchain data.

blocks, transactions, logs


Latest balances, balances by block, transfers of trc20 tokens on Tron network.

trc20_token_transfers, trc20_balances, trc20_balances_latest


Curated address labels to enriched your analyses

labels, entities

Our Tron data has powered industry wide institutional reports, as well as major keynote addresses

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