The decoded schema includes decoded event logs on Zora.

Our Zora decoded schema contains the following tables:



Decoded event logs with params in JSON format.

In addition to the columns present in the raw tables, these tables include additional columns, with decoded data represented in JSON format.


  1. To decode EVM Call data and Event log data, the structure, type, and order of these data types must be first understood. This is defined in the ABI (Application Binary Interface) of the contract.

  2. For decoded events and traces, the ABIs of contracts are primarily sourced from publicly available sources.

  3. We utilize Python to translate the compacted bytes into a specified interface defined by the ABI.

  4. The coverage will not be 100% as ABIs of existing and newly created contracts may not be uploaded by contract creators immediately.

    1. We continually monitor external sources for ABIs of unresolved contracts, prioritizing those with high transaction activity.

    2. Additionally, users can submit their contract ABI to decode. Upon submission and verification, the corresponding events and traces will be decoded within 24 hours.

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