🚩NFT+ Flags

Identify organic and meaningful NFT transactions volumes.


ethereum.nfts.mints_w_flags & ethereum.nfts.trades_w_flags

Not all NFT trade and mints contribute to meaningful transaction volumes (wash trades, delisted collections, defi-tainted transactions.

The w_flags tables help analysts identify these transactions to filter out based on their business needs.

The "mints_w_flags" and "trades_w_flags" tables are extended versions of the "trades" and "mints" tables that help identify wash trades and delisted collections.

These tables include additional columns such as our wash trading scores and flags that tag collections delisted by Opensea.

The is_sanitized column to unify all of our suspicious activity flags. You’ll find it on the "w_flags" tables.

Here are the conditions we use to define is_sanitized:

  • for wash trades -> when wash_trade_score>= 4 or opensea_delisted = true then false else true

  • for mints -> when defi_mint=true or opensea_delisted=true then false else true

Caveat: keep in mind that we currently remove all mints identified as defi mints from your tables during the data delivery. This is why you won’t see that big of a difference in mint volume if you test mints queries with and without where is_sanitized=true

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