Utilize real-time data from the blockchain to power your applications and workflows.

Allium Developer

Allium's database and API-based data endpoint allows you to query raw transaction data, decoded logs/traces, transfers and NFT data real-time. Utilize Allium Developer to get your generalized SQL Endpoint up and running in ms.

Data Schemas

We support the following data schemas for EVM chains.

Chains Supported

We support the following chains for real-time data currently. Integrations for other chains and data verticals are available upon request.

The following chains are available upon request

Data Delivery & Interfaces

  1. Allium Developer (Generalized SQL API)

  2. Dedicated real-time database instances (Enterprise)

  3. Messaging queue delivery (Kafka, Pubsub)

Data Freshness & Query Latencies

Data Freshness: Median/p50 of <5 seconds.

Query Latency on Postgres Database: 5/0-150ms

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