Allium Developer

One stop shop for engineers power real-time blockchain applications

Allium Developer, our flagship product, powers your realtime application. This product brings query speed (50-100ms) and data freshness (3-4s) at engineers' fingertips.

Key Features

Generalized SQL API

  • Power your applications to fetch account history, balances and any on chain data and not be limited by rigid static APIs

Query Latency

  • We have the fastest query latencies with our p50 query response times taking 50-100ms

Data Freshness

  • We aim for the freshest data as you can access data with p50 of 3-4 seconds freshness tip of chain

Data Quality

  • We verify that every block, transaction, trace and log is there and also run consistency checks every minute to re-verify the whole chain is correct

Block Re-Org Handling

  • We capture realtime re-orgs and immediately correct the affected blocks and transactions

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