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Liquidity Pool Events

Liquidity Pool Events tables are organized at the protocol level.
This is due to the variations in pool design across protocols.
  • For example, Uniswap v3 LPs introduced concentrated liquidity and price ticks which is absent in v2
  • Balancer can allow users to create pools with more than 2 tokens, meaning users can simultaneously provide LP for > 2 tokens.
Protocol-specific tables will retain these metrics that will otherwise be dropped if this was aggregated into a single table.
The liquidity pool events contain liquidity swap, sync, mint and burn events for Uniswap v2 & swap, collect flash, mint and burn for Uniswap v3.
Currently, the following protocols and projects are supported.
kyberswap, uniswap
uniswap, bitberryswap, cityswap, convergence, defiswap, dooar, equalizerfinance, fraxswap, gemswap, integralsize, linkswap, luaswap, mintyswap, nomiswap, orionprotocol, pancakeswap, plasmafinance, radioshackswap, safeswap, saitaswap, sakeswap, sashimiswap, shibaswap, sumswap, sushiswap, swapr, swipeswap, unicly, verse, vulcandex, wallstreetbetsdex, whiteswap


Last modified 14d ago