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We believe in delivering data directly to our customers
Allium Integate
We have built data connectors with all the various storage and streaming mechanisms for our customers to easily join Allium's blockchain data with their own data into their own native data environment.
Get data delivered to your data lake directly for privacy & control. We support data delivery across multiple platforms for batch and real-time streaming needs.
Contact us if you would like a new data destination to be supported.
Supported Destinations
Data Shares
Query blockchain data directly via your Snowflake account.
Get real-time data streams on a message queue to your platform.
Kafka Connect
Cloud Pubsub
Dedicated Access
Direct access to realtime databases for maximum scale and control
Postgres (CloudSQL/RDS)
Get data delivered to your data lake or pull data from Allium's data lake.
Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, e.t.c.
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