Quick Start

Query real-time data through API or Postgres Database. Contact us if you would like access for our data.

Allium Developer - API Access

Get all your realtime data query needs handled with our generalized SQL API

Follow our Developer API guide to get started in 3 simple steps.

Allium Database - Dedicated Access

Scale up near infinitely with dedicated access to database replicas

You should have received a 1password link containing the connection details and the following information:

  • username

  • password

  • host ip


psql -U <username> -d evm -h <host_ip> -p <port>


! pip install psycopg

import psycopg

pg_conn = psycopg.connect(
    "host=... port=... dbname=... user=<username> password=<PASSWORD>",

pg_conn.execute("SELECT max(timestamp) from polygon.blocks")

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