Inscriptions and Rare Sats

Inscriptions data includes ordinals inscription mints, ordinals inscription transfers, ordinals token transfers, rare sats, ordinals metadata, and collections metadata.

All tables except for ordinals and collections metadata are refreshed on a per block basis with ~120s freshness from block timestsamp to insertion to database. Ordinals and collections metadata tables are updated on a time based cadence.

Table NameDescription


All relevant data for the mint of any inscription on a UTXO, data is per inscription (including reinscription and multi envelope inscriptions)


All relevant data for the transfer of any UTXO containing an inscription


All relevant data for BRC-20 token transfers including effected token balance following valid inscription transfer for a given token


Data for UTXO's that contain rare sats including rare satributes and sat amounts


Metadata for ordinals on collection level


Metadata for ordinals on inscription level

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