Data Freshness

FAQ on data freshness for Historical (Batch) Data.

Raw Data

The following metrics applies for our historical batch data.

*Freshness may be degraded as we mitigate block-reorgs, particularly for chains that experience them frequently. ^This does not apply for chains under beta tag.

Do raw entities of the same block arrive at the same time?

For most EVM blocks, all raw entities should arrive within the same update window. If the entities for the latest block is incomplete currently, they will be updated in the next window (e.g. 10mins for EVM chains).

How do we calculate data freshness?

Freshness is determined by comparing the timestamp of the original data with the timestamp of its entry into Allium's database.

Enriched Data

Most enriched data tables undergo updates on an hourly basis. Any tables not mentioned in the aforementioned raw data should be regarded as enriched data.

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