ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 Tokens Coverage

Coverage for ERC tokens decoding and we identify ERC tokens in our tokens decoding pipeline.

The ercX tokens tables only includes tokens decoded by the respective specifications. The table does not include the universe of all ercX tokens deployed.

As part of our data pipeline, we decode contract deployments to identify ERC tokens. The decoded contracts generates the ercX tokens metadata (e.g. name, symbol, decimals).

Tokens that do not meet these specifications will not be decoded. We rely on a separate pipeline (RPC calls) to fetch the metadata.

ERC Metadata SourceCaveats

Decoding Pipeline

Only includes tokens that meet the specification listed below.

RPC contract call

These tokens will have no block_timestamp, block_hash and block_number

ERC-20 Token

An ERC-20 token is either

ERC-721 Token

Similarly, an ERC-721 token is either

ERC-1155 Token

Similarly, an ERC-1155 token is either

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